Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring break is over, the boys are finally well after a month of fighting colds, and the sunny days and green grass are downright invigorating.

We all loved having Shelby home for his spring vacation, and though we didn't get to everything on the to do list (in fact, we may not have completely finished anything) it was a productive nine days none the less. We made huge headway organizing and cleaning out the spare bedroom as well as the garage. The garden is not as ready for plantings as we hoped it would be, but given that we just experienced a major cold snap it's probably best that we didn't have any seedlings in the ground. I had aspirations to erect a clothesline but didn't even come close so that's something that I'll try to get to in the coming days.

As much as we accomplished I'm pretty sure that it was more a result of our mindset and less about the time we had, and that leads me to the most important thing I took away from the week.

I always imagine that when Shelby is home everything will suddenly be easy, that is decidedly not true. The laundry and dishes still must be washed, everyone still gets hungry, and the kids still out number the grown ups. To tell the truth I was feeling a bit discouraged by those very things these last few days, but by the time this morning came that dark cloud had lifted and I was overcome with more motivation and optimism than I have had in a while.

Let me be clear, things are way more fun when the five of us are together, just not necessarily more productive and that means there is no argument for procrastination. Today is as good a time as any for even the most daunting of chores and that is kind of an exciting thought! Maybe by summer vacation instead of having a list of specific tasks to tackle we can follow the whims of the day and relax a little bit more.
That sounds pretty nice.

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